Does Your Air Conditioning Unit Need Replacement Or Repair?



Signs To Know If You Need To Replace Your AC Unit


There are a few things you’re going to need to know before deciding that you might need to replace your AC unit. When it comes time to inspect it yourself (before you hire a professional to help), you’ll need to know exactly what you’re looking out for. There’s a good chance your unit might be ready for a replacement if you find it meets the following criteria:


Firstly, and probably most importantly, how old is your AC unit? If the answer to that question is anything over the age of 15, then it’s probably time to get it replaced. Even if you think that it’s still operating at full functionality and still doing a bang-up job, you should probably still consider getting your hands on a newer, more modern model. That way you’ll be secure in the fact that your new AC unit will last you a long time.


However, even if your AC unit isn’t 15 years old yet, there’s still a good number of things that should be looked out for to help you know whether it needs to be replaced. Firstly, if strange whirring noises are coming out of it while it’s in operation (and sometimes even while it’s not!) then it’s time to get that unit replaced. Likewise, if you’re noticing leaks forming puddles around your unit, you’ll know the inner workings need some serious care.


Things To Know When Buying A New AC Unit


Before you try and pick a new AC unit for yourself, we really must stress how important it is for you to call a professional AC technician or more on HVAC service providers to help you. They’re there to do exactly that and they’ll be able to streamline the process of picking the correct AC unit for you. There are plenty of models out there and it can be overwhelmingly difficult trying to figure out which one is right for you without an expert’s opinion.


A professional will be able to figure out the size and the power of the AC unit that you’ll need in your home in no time at all. They’ll help you in picking the right one for you which will end up costing you much less since you’ll save money simply by not accidentally buying the wrong size or model for you.


Should You Need To Repair Your Broken AC?


Sometimes an outright replacement might not always be necessary. A repair might be the simplest answer to your problem. It’s usually encouraged among models that are newer and probably not too far gone. If your model is still 15 years or older, then a replacement is highly recommended.


However, repairs will save you a lot of money upfront, as they’re often cheaper and only require a technician to come along, assess the problem, and replace the specific part – rather than the entire unit. Hopefully, once it’s repaired, your unit will be able to give you a good amount of time in full working operation. You’ll want to keep an eye on it though.