Things To Do When Your Air Conditioning Unit Goes Out

Steps To Take When Your AC Suddenly Broke Down


It’s a nightmare if it happens, but you’re going to want to be prepared for it, just in case it ever does. If your AC unit breaks down unexpectedly, you’re going to make sure you know where to look to have someone on hand to come along and fix it before it causes too much discomfort or aggravation for you. There’s nothing worse than a broken-down AC unit, so the quicker you can resolve the situation the better.


If you need an emergency HVAC company fast, then take your search online as soon as you know you need them. You’ll find a comprehensive list of local companies and you’ll be able to see exactly what services they provide to you. You’ll want to look for the ones that offer 24/7 services generally, as AC units that break unexpectedly often like to do so in the middle of the night. It’s annoying, but it seems to be what happens.


Once you’ve found a local company with a good emergency repair service, you’ll need to call them ASAP to find out more. Ask them what kind of service is included in the emergency package they run and how quickly they’re able to get out to you to fix your unit. Sometimes they’ll ask you to find out exactly what the problem is, which can be a tricky thing for the untrained eye to do.



Check Your AC Unit For Visible Damages


If you are required to find where the fault might lie, or just fancy having a check for yourself before you call, then you’ll want to know what the most common problems tend to be and what to look for with your faulty AC unit. First and foremost, check the temperature of the air that’s being blown out of the unit (if any is at all). If the air is hot as opposed to cold, you’ll know something is fundamentally wrong with it.


Also, run your hand across it to see if the unit itself is wet. Leaks can be a common cause of most breaks in AC units and are easy enough to spot. The nature of the water puddles and drips makes it easy to tell if they’ve occurred. Finally, listen to the sounds coming out of the unit. Even when it is off, you will sometimes be able to tell if noises are coming out of it that frankly shouldn’t be. Always pay close attention to what can be heard.




The Importance Of Hiring An AC Contractor


We hope the answer to this question is fairly self-explanatory, but we’ll talk you through it anyway. A professional air conditioning repair company will have years of experience under their belt and will be able to come along, assess the situation, and repair your unit almost instantaneously (or thereabouts at least). If you tried to do it yourself, you might end up causing more damage than good because you simply aren’t trained in locating the damage or fixing the problems that have arisen. Always refer to a professional for help!